Shakira will release a new song and music video in July

June 29, 2021

"I'm dedicated to preparing the song for release in July."
Shakira is photographed for the cover of the local edition of "Vogue" for Mexico and Latin America and in the interview she gives to the magazine she talks about her career and the importance of always trying to do a perfect job.

Among other topics, such as the pandemic, political attitude and influence in society, the Colombian singer focused on the new music she is preparing.

After a forced break due to the pandemic, Shakira returned to the recording studio to meet a number of important producers and creators.

Shakira assured Vogue that she plans to release a new single along with a music video this July, without revealing more details.

"After enjoying the tranquility, now all the activity starts again. I feel very full of energy, eager to work and very inspired. I have put full power, I do a lot of songs. "I am in the process of mixing the song that comes out in July," he said.

"I have just finished filming the video and these days I am dedicated to editing it and completing the mixing of the song and preparing it for release in July," he added.

Along with the confirmation, rumors appeared on social networks that spoke of a possible collaboration between Shakira and Rosalía.

The indications are few, but their fans do not rule out the possibility, as the two singers have been in Barcelona for the last few days.

Even if the rumors are true, it would not be safe to say that their collaboration will be one of Shakira's next steps, since at the same time Rosalía is preparing her own album.

However, neither Shakira nor Rosalía's album is expected to be released before 2022.