Selena Gomez: Preparing a documentary about the most influential female artists

"The strong women we're going to highlight have held up a mirror to political and social injustices," explains Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez continues to establish herself in the world of documentaries.

Discovery+ has officially announced that it is beginning production on 'Won't Be Silent', a new music documentary produced by Selena Gomez. Alongside Selena as a producer will be the American politician, lawyer, activist and author Stacey Abrams and former member of the US House of Representatives.

The documentary will be directed by Kristi Jacobson, director of the films "Solitary" (2016) and "A Place at the Table" (2012).

Won't Be Silent focuses on a series of songs that have positively impacted our world and the talented female artists behind them.

"The powerful women we'll be showcasing are not only talented, but have been at the forefront of advancing culture and holding up a mirror to political and social injustices," said Selena Gomez.

Stacey Abrams said, “Throughout history, women in music have used their art as activism, drawing attention to issues affecting our nation and our world. "Won't Be Silent" is a celebration of artists who have contributed to the betterment of the world through their timeless music."

A release date for "Won't Be Silent" has yet to be announced, but production on the documentary reportedly began on Wednesday, December 14.

"Music is one of the most essential and exciting elements of human life. At its most powerful, music can be both an expression of struggle and a gateway to understanding,” added Igal Svet, VP of Documentaries at Discovery+.

"'Won't Be Silent' will highlight the value of music through the lens of some of our greatest female artists and their powerful songs that inspire us in times of division and strife," she explained.

“We admire how passionately Selena uses her massive platform to speak out about issues affecting her generation and Stacey's tireless drive for change. Together with Kristi Jacobson's personal and thoughtful directorial eye, this film will showcase these enlightening stories in a way that only Selena and Stacey could,” he added.

"Won't Be Silent" will follow Selena Gomez's personal documentary "My Mind & Me," which premiered on Apple TV+ in November.

On screen, Selena Gomez is steadily building her acting resume, starring alongside Steve Martin and Martin Short and serving as a producer on the series Only Murders In The Building, for which this week she earned her first nomination for Golden Globe.

Selena Gomez also hosts her own cooking show, 'Selena + Chef' (HBO Max), and her film roles include Jim Jarmusch's 'The Dead Don't Die' and the 'Hotel Transylvania' film series, where she voiced Mavis Dracula.

He also executive produced the Netflix TV series '13 Reasons Why' (2017-2020) and the documentary 'Living Undocumented' (2019).