Sam Smith: The beautiful collaboration with Ed Sheeran, the 'crazy' tour and the next three albums

Sam Smith has stated that he has already planned his next three albums.

Sam Smith's new album 'Gloria' was released on Friday 27th January and his latest song 'Who We Love' is a unique collaboration with Ed Sheeran.

But while Sam Smith said he has a "beautiful friendship" with Ed Sheeran and that the British music star is "a very special person", he admitted he was initially not happy about Sheeran sending him a song.

“I immediately felt uncomfortable, because I don't do that. They don't send me songs to sing afterwards. So it was a little selfish at first," Sam Smith said during an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1,

But as he noted: "That was before I heard it."

"I clicked play and it was one of those moments... I was like, I can spend all these two years trying to write all these pop songs, right?" explained.

"But Ed, and Ed's ability to write music – it's just so special," he added.

So Sam Smith finished 'Who We Love' and they sang it together. “It was beautiful to share it with him. And I think the message behind the song is so beautiful. It's just a really classic love song for everybody," he said.

Sam Smith will promote 'Gloria' with a world tour, which he claims will be 'amazing' and will feature elements inspired by Queen's Freddie Mercury, opera and Liberace.

“It's going to be crazy… It's theater, theater, theater. That's exactly what I want to pursue," he said of his vision for the Gloria The Tour, which kicks off in the UK in April.

The 30-year-old singer also revealed that there is even more new music to come, as he has already written the songs for much of his next album.

"I've got my next three albums planned, really," he told Zane Lowe.

“And maybe half of them are already written. I have a very clear goal that I want to release probably four more records before I turn 35. Because at 35 I want to go travel," said Sam Smith.