Rauw Alejandro launches into space with new album 'Saturno

November 18, 2022

Rauw Alejandro takes audiences to another planet with his third album.

Rauw Alejandro releases his new album 'Saturno'.

In today's music scene, it's almost impossible for an album to be more than a collection of songs to fill another playlist. But with 'Saturno', Rauw Alejandro wanted to create an album that would be an experience for the listener to listen to from start to finish.

“I wanted my fans to travel through my mind, my emotions and the sounds that inspired me to create this new work. This album tells a story that has a beginning and an end," explains the Puerto Rican singer.

From the beginning, the distinct sound of the album is combined with unexpected hip-hop touches, as if it wants to take us back to the parties that took place in the Bronx.

"For me, this album is a collection of the musicians who shaped me as an artist. From hip-hop, to freestyle and of course reggaeton. These are the elements that made me who I am today," says Rauw Alejandro.

Even the title of the album ("Saturn") has a special meaning for him. When Rauw Alejandro was young, he heard his mother tell him that he was from another planet.

"I believed my mother because I knew in my heart that I came from another planet. That's how I named the album 'Saturno,'" he said about his third album.

Having already hit singles 'Punto 40' featuring Baby Rasta, 'Lokera' and 'Dime Quién????', 'Saturno' is sure to launch him to another planet.

"Saturno" is a musical experience the likes of which we don't often see. So sit back, fasten your seatbelt and let "El Zorro" take you to new worlds.

Since releasing his first full-length album, 'Afrodisíaco' in 2020, Rauw Alejandro has scored major hits, earning gold and platinum records, garnering Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations and amassing billions of streams.

After the release of 'Saturno', Rauw Alejandro will soon travel around the world to meet his fans on a new tour.


Also find the album on Spotify below.