R. Kelly had "hundreds" of sexual encounters with minors

August 20, 2022

R. Kelly's child pornography trial has begun in Chicago, after the singer was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison for sexual abuse and trafficking.
A woman has identified herself as the underage girl in the footage that formed the basis of R. Kelly's child pornography trial in the 2000s, telling a court that she was repeatedly sexually abused by the singer when she was a minor.

As the Chicago Tribune reports, the woman appeared Thursday, August 18, in a Chicago federal court to testify in the retrial of the R&B singer, who has been charged with 13 counts of producing child pornography, conspiracy to produce child pornography and conspiracy to commit child pornography. obstruction of justice. The 55-year-old singer has denied all charges.

The woman, who went by the pseudonym "Jane" and is said to be the singer's godmother, told the court she was 14 when she had her first sexual encounter with R. Kelly, having met him about a year earlier. When she turned 15, their sexual encounters allegedly escalated to intercourse and they then had sex "hundreds of times".

Jane, now 37, told the court that other underage girls were sometimes involved in those sexual encounters at R. Kelly's request. Two of those women, a classmate of Jane's who goes by the nickname "Pinky" and a woman who goes by the nickname "Brittany," are also expected to testify at the trial along with two other anonymous witnesses.

When Jane took the stand Thursday, she testified publicly for the first time that she is the one in the videos where R. Kelly allegedly engaged in sexual acts with an underage girl.

These videos were filmed in the late 1990s, when she was 14 years old. In one of the videos, Jane and R. Kelly make oral sex in the living room of the singer's Lakeview, Chicago home before R. Kelly allegedly urinated on her.

In another video from the same period, R. Kelly can be seen giving money to the girl. When asked why this was done, Jane replied: "Because if anyone saw the tape ... they wanted it to be seen that I was a prostitute."

The material first surfaced in 2002 when it was mailed anonymously to reporter Jim DeRogatis, with the Chicago Sun-Times breaking the story.

R. Kelly was charged with producing child pornography that year, but Chicago police had begun investigating Jane and R. Kelly's relationship two years earlier. At the time, she denied to police that she had any inappropriate relationship with R. Kelly.

In April 2002, Jane again refused to testify against R. Kelly during the singer's trial on charges related to the video, lying to jurors and denying that they had had sex or that she was the girl in the videos .

On Thursday, she said R. Kelly had coached her on what to say, emphasizing, she claims, "how strong and strict she had to be in denying their relationship and the sex tape."

On Thursday, Jane testified that, before she took the stand in 2002, R. Kelly had fled the U.S. with her and her parents so that investigators could not track them down. She went on to say that after they returned, R. Kelly's legal team pressured her to hand over evidence, including a necklace of hers seen on the tape, which she did.

Jane said that while R. Kelly was awaiting trial he moved into his mansion where he allegedly became physically violent, particularly when he tried to leave the residence. She finally left R. Kelly's house when she was about 23 or 24 years old.

In 2008, R. Kelly was acquitted by a jury on all 14 charges, with Jane's rebuttal being a major factor.

“I was afraid of exposing Robert. Also, I didn't want that person to be me. I was embarrassed,” he explained when asked why he lied under oath. Her cooperation with prosecutors in today's case is in exchange for immunity from prosecution for perjury in connection with her previous statements.

Also on the stand Thursday was retired Chicago police detective Daniel Everett, who first interviewed Jane and her parents in 2000. He claimed that after viewing the sex tape, he recognized Jane from their previous conversations. a year earlier.

Jane will be back in court on Friday, August 19 to be cross-examined by R. Kelly's attorney, Jennifer Bonjean.