Ofenbach and Ella Henderson collaborate on new single "Hurricane"

September 23, 2021

With the momentum of a "hurricane" comes the collaboration of Ofenbach and Ella Henderson.
The duo of producers Ofenbach from Paris joins forces with the successful singer Ella Henderson in the new single "Hurricane".

Just when you thought the summer was over for another year, "Hurricane" comes with the impetus of a "hurricane" to emerge as an undisputed success that will make their presence felt in the dancefloors and party playlists.

"Hurricane", sung by Ella Henderson with her flawless voice, has all the hallmarks of a true Ofenbach classic song, thus offering the ultimate dance-pop experience.

Ofenbach is part of the global dance crossover trend with a sound that draws additional influences from rock, pop and folk music.

Consisting of the elegant Parisian duo of producers César de Rummel and Dorian Lauduique, who are still in their 20s, Ofenbach have managed, after more than six years of cooperation and a continuous series of excellent releases, to reach a new level in their careers.

Ofenbach says about their new song: "We really love Ella's voice and we are excited to finally be able to work with her, as we have been a fan of her music for so long. Her voice is ideal for "Hurricane" and we look forward to presenting this song together around the world ".

In a short time, the Ofenbachs have become the French duo with the most streams in the world, having amassed an impressive number of 2 billion streams to date.

"Hurricane" follows the hits of "Wasted Love", "Heads Shoulders Knees & Toes" by Ofenback and is going to be one of the top pop moments of the year.

Ella Henderson, who does not shy away from collaborations, is excited to be collaborating with Ofenbach on this release.

"I'm so excited about" this song. We created a power anthem for the end of summer !! Working with Ofenbach was so much fun. "They are extremely talented and it is my pleasure that we were able to collaborate on this song!", He comments.

Ofenbach will bring their incredible live show on stage in the spring of 2022, touring across Europe and the United Kingdom.