Nicki Minaj meets BIA in the remix of "Whole Lotta Money"

July 13, 2021

Nicki Minaj adds her own note to the BIA viral song.
Nicki Minaj meets BIA in a new remix of the viral song "Whole Lotta Money".

The 38-year-old rapper announced that she is joining forces with BIA during the new episode of the "Queen Radio" show that she presented via a live broadcast on Instagram. Earlier this week Nicki Minaj had informed her fans that she was going to make an urgent and "very important" announcement.

BIA is best known for its role in the international hit "Safari" of reggeaton star J Balvin which was released in 2016 and has over 958 million on YouTube, as well as for her appearance in the song "Best On Earth" (2019) of American rapper Russ.

The original version of "Whole Lotta Money" is included in BIA's "For Certain" EP released by Epic Records / Sony Music in December 2020 featuring Lil Jon, Lil Durk, Doe Boy and 42 Dugg.

"Whole Lotta Money" contributed greatly to boosting BIA's popularity and climbed to No. 12 in the Spotify Viral Chart, having collected a total of over 70 million streams. This remix with Nicki Minaj promises to boost her fame.

Nicki Minaj welcomed the BIA in the last episode of "Queen Radio" and described how their musical partnership came about.

She said she contacted the BIA to find out how much she liked "Whole Lotta Money" and then discovered that the 29-year-old rapper had been texting her for three years.

Eventually they decided to collaborate on the remix of the song and exchange rhymes and verses in a version that retains the original production of the song.