Miley Cyrus poses topless in "Rolling Stone"

December 07, 2020

Miley Cyrus poses topless on the cover and pages of the January 2021 issue of "Rolling Stone".

The photo is accompanied by a new interview of the singer, which, among other things, describes in the magazine how much the world has perceived about her all these years.

"Today is very different. I think a lot has changed since "Midnight Sky". I think I always had a level of respect, but they kept labeling me the word "crazy". "I was crazy, that was me, even in some places, cold or unable to calm down," he says.
Miley Cyrus also explains that the song "Angels Like You" from her new album "Plastic Hearts" refers to the stereotypical perceptions of the world about her.

"I am what you thought I would become, I am what they said I would become. "I felt a little guilty or ashamed of the way this song was written, but now that I hear it, it actually has an apologetic character."

He says: "It is not your fault that I destroy everything and it is not your fault that I can not become what you need". "My independence and, I guess, my survival instinct make it where I can be selfish."
Miley Cyrus still talks about the legacy she wants to leave as an artist.

"I want to put a new stone in a path for the next generation of artists, philanthropists, as Debbie Harry did for me. "I would like to be known as someone who created something that did not exist or that gave something that no one knew they needed or wanted, but when they did, they felt that they could not live without it."

"This is what I would like as an artist," he emphasizes.