Miley Cyrus: Her next album will be inspired by the "intense changes" in her life

October 19, 2021

Miley Cyrus is finally closing the chapter on "Plastic Hearts" and is preparing for her next album, which will be inspired by the changes in both her personal and professional life, according to what she told her fans in a handwritten letter.

"I am so grateful for your loyal support and your wonderful company on this journey," the 28-year-old singer wrote to her fans in a letter to

"There was an intense explosion of changes in my life personally and professionally (which always coexist). I am so excited to communicate these experiences and use them as inspiration in my next work! "I am so grateful that I never go through these transitional periods alone, because I have you!" He added.

The letter is part of a nostalgic restart of the password-protected website used by Miley Cyrus to communicate with her fans during her time on the Disney Channel.

Along with the letter, the pop star shared a playlist, which lasts more than an hour, with the program of her appearance at the festival "Austin City Limits" at the beginning of the month for her fans who could not watch it live.

"The setlist represents my evolution! Honors and celebrates every season! They are all so special to me! Mainly because you were part of them! I look forward to creating the next album for / with you! "I will love you forever!" He wrote.

Miley Cyrus has appeared at several recent festivals in recent months, including the Austin City Limits Festival, where she has performed several of her previous hits, including "See You Again", "The Climb" and "7 Things".

In an email to her fans, the singer noted that MileyWorld is "under construction" and that it will "develop in real time with me and the next album currently being created".

Miley Cyrus's latest album was "Plastic Hearts" which was released in November 2020, a record inspired by the era of glam rock and new wave music.