Maluma releases deluxe edition of 'The Love & Sex Tape'

August 20, 2022

Maluma adds three new songs to 'The Love & Sex Tape'.
Maluma releases the deluxe version of his recent EP 'The Love & Sex Tape'.

Originally released in June, 'The Love & Sex Tape' is an urban album that deals with love, break-up, passion, adrenaline and all under unique and irresistible sounds.

In the EP we enjoy Maluma more urban, street and provocative, but still with the same temperament in his music, for which he became world famous.

"Throughout my ten-year career, I've been missing what inspired me in the beginning and I felt the need to connect with the street side, as well as my fans who loved the urban sound that established me, so I decided to make this album,” said Maluma.

"'The Love & Sex Tape' represents my personality and is the 2022 version of my original sound," he emphasized.

Maluma - Tsunami (Official Video) ft. Arcangel, De La Ghetto
The EP contains 8 songs, three of which were previously released singles: "Cositas de la USA", "Mojando Asientos" with Feid and "Nos Comemos Vivos" with Chencho Corleone.

The tracklist also includes "Sexo Sin Título" with Jay Wheeler and Lenny Tavarez and "Tsunami" with Arcangel and De La Ghetto.

The deluxe edition of 'The Love & Sex Tape' contains three additional songs titled '28', 'Rulay' and 'Clito' (featuring Lenny Tavárez, Dalex and Brray).

The cover of 'The Love & Sex Tape' features Maluma's beloved dog, Buda, shadowing the Colombian singer. Buda is Maluma's faithful companion in many of his life's adventures.

The cover design was edited by the well-known artist Joseph Klibansky.

Meanwhile, Maluma recently joined forces with Anitta on the song 'El Que Espera' from the Brazilian pop star's upcoming deluxe edition 'Versions Of Me' album.