Lizzo: 'Adele is the rarest gem of all time

"I really admire her," Lizzo said of Adele and commented on the possibility of a collaboration between them.

Last month, during one of her shows in Las Vegas, Adele spoke about her friendship with Lizzo calling her "an amazing person" and saying she "would like to give her all my love".

Now, Lizzo is returning the same flattering words to Adele and even has an idea for how the two could work together.

Lizzo said of Adele to the 'Sunday Mirror' newspaper: 'I admire her a lot. She knows who she is and honors it with every album. He gave us piano ballads that go to number one, which is so difficult and rare. It is the rarest diamond of all time. We need her. I am grateful for her."

He also commented on the fact that Adele stopped one of her concerts in Las Vegas to promote her recent documentary "Love Lizzo" for HBO Max.

“He talked about my documentary the other day… he didn't need to. She texted me to say, "I hate documentaries unless you're Tina Turner or The Beatles, but this is so good." And I replied: 'Thank you,'" he described.

According to Lizzo, Adele is also her go-to person for advice on reputation management and, especially, on social media feedback.

"When she started her career, the culture was very different, and especially with social media," she pointed out.

"Adele called me and said, 'Lizzo, how the hell are you doing?' Are you ok; Do you want to come and drink some wine? Do you want to talk;". And I said: 'Yes,'" he recalled.

Lizzo was then asked if there was a possibility of a collaboration with Adele, but said that if it does happen, it might not be a traditional duet.

"We've never talked about it," the 34-year-old singer explained.

“You know, what I would do with Adele is play the flute. I would play the flute, since he is the artist of that kind," said Lizzo, who shows off her skills as a flutist in her live performances.