Lady Gaga's And Lizzo Dresses on display at Kensington Palace

The exhibition will highlight the "fascinating parallels between red carpets and the royal court".

Lady Gaga dresses by Lizzo are to be featured in an upcoming exhibition at Kensington Palace.

The palace, which is Prince William and Kate Middleton's London home, will host an exhibition documenting how rock and red carpet fashion has been influenced by 18th-century Georgian royalty.

The exhibition is called 'Crown to Couture' and promises to highlight the 'fascinating parallels between the world of red carpets and the world of the royal court'.

About 200 pieces will be displayed throughout the state apartments and exhibition spaces of Kensington Palace, said Historic Royal Palaces, the independent charity that maintains some of the British monarchy's palaces that are no longer inhabited.

The exhibition will take visitors 'from the preparation and styling required to attend one of the city's most popular events and the 'fashion rules' to be followed, to the grand arrivals both on the court and on the red carpet".

To capture the excitement of today's red carpets and fashion shows, the show's curators enlisted the talents of Joseph Bennett, designer of Alexander McQueen's shows and Kate Middleton's wedding dress, to help design the show. They even promise a taste of infamous after-parties.

At the center of the exhibition are the dresses of the pop idols. One of them is the simple Thom Browne black corset dress and puff jacket with elaborate gold details that Lizzo wore to the 2022 Met Gala.

Exhibits include, among many others, the bright green, futuristic Christopher John Rogers dress worn by Lady Gaga at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards.

The exhibition's curators chose this particular piece because it does not differ in size and scale from the garments worn by royals in the palace centuries earlier. Like many of the clothes that are designed for specific purposes, Lady Gaga's ensemble was created to attract attention, they say.

Although famous as the residence of Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry and Princess Margaret, Kensington Palace was famous in the 18th century for its "almost daily lavish Georgian events".

Historic Royal Palaces curator Claudia Acott Williams said the organization is "thrilled to be working with a wide variety of established fashion houses and up-and-coming designers to showcase some of the most iconic red carpet looks of recent years and celebrate the magnificent diversity and creativity that we see there today."

"As we bring these well-known ensembles into the Palace and put them in conversation with the impressive court costumes of the 18th century, we hope to give a new insight into these historic spaces and the seemingly distant customs of the Georgian Court and enable visitors to experience the Palace as it was designed to be known: filled with the most fashionable and influential names of the time,” he declared.

The exhibition will also feature items from the Historic Royal Palace Collection of Royal Ceremonial Dress, which is cared for by a team of experts at Hampton Court Palace.

A top detail is the Rockingham Mantua Dress, which is embroidered with silver thread and silver lace and is believed to have been worn by the wife of the British Prime Minister, the Second Marquess of Rockingham, in the 1760s.

Other historic items to be exhibited include the world-famous Silver Tissue Gown, on loan from the Bath Fashion Museum, which will open the exhibition.

This is a rare example of fashion from the luxurious era of Charles II, a hand-made gown of fine silk, believed to have been worn at the royal court by the young Lady Theophila Harris, who later became the wife of Sir Arthur Harris MP of Hayne.

The "Crown to Couture" exhibition will open to the public on April 5, 2023.