Katy Perry: The advice she would give to her younger self

May 19, 2021

Katy Perry calls 2020 the year of delivery. Shortly after the announcement of her pregnancy, the world went into a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apart from the birth of her child, life was uncertain. Moving on to 2021, the future is finally clearer. Katty Perry has her 9-month-old daughter, Daisy Dove, in her arms, recently announced her appearances in Las Vegas and on May 14 released the song "Electric" to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon.

Katy Perry spoke to "Popsugar" about the past, present and future and the people who support her every step of the way.

The music video for "Electric" draws inspiration from the singer's experiences when she started her career in the music industry as a teenager.

When she thinks about that period in her life, she feels that she did "a very good job".

"I dont regret. I stumbled, I fell, I made mistakes. I learned from all this. But I was pretty crazy with the boys. "I think I was always looking for real and true love," he says.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry joins forces with Pikachu in the video of the new single "Electric"
But if he had to give advice to the younger Katy Perry, he would tell her to "spend some time getting emotional for the boys" and admit that this "gave food for songs".

"Do not worry, keep swaying, make mistakes. Do not read the comments. "Do not look for comments and learn how to separate real life from life on the internet", he continued.

"And the boys are not mature until they are at least 35 years old," she said, referring to her fiancé and father of Orlando Bloom, whom she met when the actor was 39.

Katy Perry will probably pass this wisdom on to Daisy and perhaps to Orlando Bloom's 10-year-old son from his marriage to Miranda Kerr, Flynn, although he is already giving her music advice.

"She is OK. I definitely use him discreetly as radar for the "cool factor", Katy Perry revealed and said that Flynn helped her choose a single for her latest album "Smile".

I remember I had "Harleys In Hawaii", "Small Talk" and "Never Really Over" a playlist a few years ago, and I just did a test and he said "Never Really Over". I also said: “Okay, this is the single. "Let's do it," he described.