Katy Perry: 'My family lived on food stamps'

August 12, 2022

Katy Perry has spoken about her difficult childhood.
Katy Perry attributes her success as a singer and shoe designer to the financial hardships she experienced growing up.

The pop star's 'Katy Perry Collections' shoe line has released a video on its social media pages in which the 37-year-old singer talks about her childhood as a keynote speaker at the 'PROJECT' fashion show in Las Vegas.

“When I was 13, I was growing up with limited resources. My family didn't have very much. Sometimes, we got food stamps,” she said.

Katy Perry has revealed that in order for her family to survive, they relied on the help offered by their local church. To help her family even more, she sang to get donations.

The pop star also sang at the local flea market to raise money and joked that she earned "about $20 and two avocados".

Katy Perry went on to explain how those years of her life influenced her creativity and sense of style, and said she shopped at thrift stores "on a budget."

"I was always thrifting," she said, adding that she "trained" her eye to spot stylish pieces that would suit her.

But, because she was looking for clothes from the 40s to the 60s, Katy Perry commented: "I started dressing like a pinup girl when I was 13, which was interesting."

However, she noted that this is what allowed her to develop her own style and "stand out in a unique way" because she didn't dress in the latest fashion trends like other girls her age.

Katy Perry also fondly recalled a pair of black-and-white studded flats she bought at a thrift store that helped her get compliments from strangers.

"That was very important," he said of the attention he was getting. "I wore them everywhere!", she said and added that with that pair "her love for shoes began".