Kanye West: Prototype Nike Air Yeezy 1 Sold for $ 1.8 Million

April 29, 2021

An original model of Kanye West's Nike Air Yeezy 1 shoes, worn by the rapper at the 2008 Grammy Awards, set a new sales record for sneakers, reaching the price of $ 1.8 million in a private sale made by the auction house Sotheby's .

The purchase was made by the investment platform for sneakers RARES, which allegedly broke the performance for the most expensive public sale of a pair of sneakers with three times the number of the previous record holder.

According to Reuters, a pair of 1985 Air Jordan 1s, designed and worn by legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, sold in 2020 for $ 560,000.

The prototype Air Yeezy 1 is also the first recorded sale of sneakers for more than $ 1 million.

Apart from the fact that it was designed and worn by Kanye West, this particular Air Yeezy 1 prototype created serious ambitions in the rapper and businessman for his involvement in the field of sports shoes.

Although he had previously been involved in fashion, having even designed a pair of shoes for Louis Vuitton, his collaboration with Nike for "Air Yeezy" was an unparalleled success.

While his partnership with Nike broke down, Kanye West signed a new deal with Adidas in 2013 and since then the clothing and footwear brand "Yeezy" has been an astronomical success. Earlier this year, Bloomberg estimated that the value of the Yeezy brand was between $ 3.2 billion and $ 4.7 billion.

According to RARES on its website, there have been rumors of Kanye West and Nike working together for many years, but the proof came when the rapper wore the original Air Yeezy 1 model at the 2008 Grammy Awards.

Kanye West designed the sneakers with Nike's Mark Smith and Tiffany Beers, drawing inspiration from Air Jordan shoes, and also introduced the strap over the laces that would become the "Yeezy" signature.

The black leather shoe also had an outsole that glowed in the dark, which matched the aesthetics of the rapper's "Graduation / Glow in the Dark Tour".

As an investment company for sneakers, RARES offers the public the opportunity to buy a small stake in the original Air Yeezy 1.

As the company explains, it buys a sneaker, acquires ownership and the pair is classified as a negotiable title through the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, and then divides ownership into fractional stock balances.

Those interested in acquiring a stake in the original Air Yeezy 1 can book on the RARES website.