Justin Bieber's concert at TikTok set a record for spectators

February 20, 2021

Justin Bieber joined forces with TikTok for a special online concert that aired on Valentine's Day.

The pop star sang his album "Journals" which was released in 2013 at TikTok's first feature concert and enchanted his fans.

The online concert was watched by over 4 million viewers from all over the world, both in its live broadcast and in its rerun the next day, a record number for the livestream with the most viewers in the history of TikTok.

The concert entitled "Journals Live from the drew house" was a special moment for TikTok, but also for Justin Bieber himself, as he had never sung the songs from his favorite album "Journals" before.
The livestream of the 26-year-old singer rekindled the public's interest in "Journals".

In the aftermath of the concert, "Journals" surpassed 3 billion streams on all digital platforms, while the songs "All That Matters" and "Heartbreaker" of the album appeared on the charts of many countries.

The livestream had a clear impact on the rest of Justin Bieber's repertoire, with his latest single "Anyone" going up to No. 1 of iTunes over the past weekend.