JESSIA and Bebe Rexha join forces in "I'm Not Pretty"

April 29, 2021

Two talented women join forces in a hymn for body acceptance.
Canadian pop singer JESSIA is collaborating with Grammy nominee Bebe Rexha for the official remix of her golden song "I'm Not Pretty", released by Artist Driven Records and Republic Records / Universal Music.

Among the irresistible couplets of JESSIA, Bebe Rexha offers words of wisdom and with unparalleled attitude and determination assures, "Your imperfections are what make you beautiful… My God, you are a prize".

This collaboration enhances the song's message and energy for body acceptance.

"Bebe's music helped me get through some crazy times. "I have been a fan of her for years, so her support and collaboration with an up-and-coming artist like me means a lot," says JESSIA.

Bebe Rexha adds: "JESSIA is a wonderful artist. Her messages are so sincere, it really touched me in her and especially in this piece. "I'm really excited for the audience to hear it!"

The popularity of "I'm Not Pretty" skyrocketed when JESSIA posted on TikTok a video in which acapella sings the song, commenting: "I do not know if this is complete rubbish or if it is really a success."

As it turns out, "I'm Not Pretty" was a success, as this particular clip garnered 1 million views in one day.

The candid lyrics of the song describe the journey until you love yourself and the emotions one can feel in the middle of this journey, a message with a landscape immediately identified by listeners from all over the world.

From January 1 until today, JESSIA's video on TikTok has garnered 100 million views and in the same vein, the official version of "I'm Not Pretty", produced by four Juno Awards nominee singer-songwriter Elijah Woods, reaches 100 million streams worldwide

"I'm Not Pretty" is already gold in Canada, where it has risen to the top 10 of the charts, while at the same time rising to the top 40 in the United States radio.

Last month, JESSIA released the official music video for "I'm Not Pretty", which was inspired by Roald Dahl's classic novel "James and the Giant Peach" (1966).

During the video, the up-and-coming singer faces her insecurities in a playful way in a fantastic, but cinematic, country full of peaches.

JESSIA has received support from well-known names, including Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and producer Ryan Tedder, who contacted her in person to congratulate her and ask her to collaborate. This time they are putting the finishing touches on the new music that will be released soon.