Jennifer Lopez: The "black" on Instagram is over - The Latin star announced her new album

Jennifer Lopez announced her brand new album "This is Me ... Now" via Instagram. The video she posted shows the Latina star at a young age suddenly transforming into what she has become today.

More specifically, at the beginning of the video "uploaded" by Jennifer Lopez on Instagram, it looks like it was on the cover of her album released in 2002 "This is me then" and 20 years later, it "transforms" into today.

"That's who I was then. This is who I am now," says the Latina star who returned to the discography with a bang!

The video was accompanied by the titles of the songs of her new album "This is Me ... Now", which is 13:

This is Me... Now

1. This Is Me... Now
2. To Be Yours
3. Mad in Love
4. Can't Get Enough
5. Rebound
6. not. going. anywhere.
7. Dear Ben pt. ll
8. Hummingbird
9. Hearts and Flowers
10. Broken Like Me
11. This Time Around
12. Midnight Trip to Vegas
13. Greatest Love Story Never Told