Evanescence presents the new album "The Bitter Truth"

April 03, 2021

Evanescence reveals "the bitter truth".
"The Bitter Truth" is Evanescence's first album with original material in a decade.

Since the release of their latest album with new songs in 2011 until today, the band members have faced countless personal and professional challenges.

Evanescence's new album is an epic collection of songs inspired by the (often bitter) realities of the 21st century and our world, a beautiful collection of songs that will be loved by both older and younger fans of the band.

The spearhead of "The Bitter Truth" is the intensely emotional lyrics with which everyone can identify.

Some of the songs on the album were for the band's lead singer, Amy Lee, a form of therapy that allowed her to work out all the challenges she faced and relieve herself.

"Better Without You" describes the struggles and battles it has waged within the music industry and "Take Cover" details a strained relationship and desire for revenge.

Inspired by personal experiences are other songs on the album "The Bitter Truth", which seem to have a more general theme, such as "Use My Voice" which urges listeners not to succumb to the pressure to be silent and find the strength to express their opinion and the "Broken Pieces Shine", a call to shamelessly express our true selves.

Audio "The Bitter Truth" is the album you would expect from Evanescence: A combination of traditional metal elements combined with electronic and industrial sounds.

Amy Lee's voice is a cornerstone of the album. Angelic but also dynamic, it radiates raw emotion as strongly as the musical instruments that support it.

"The Bitter Truth" conveys a timeless message that seems relevant at this point in history where we face a global pandemic and give personal and collective struggle.

Evanescence's new album reminds us that no matter how bad and difficult the events we experience in life, we can choose to face the pain and become stronger.

"The Bitter Truth" is released by Columbia Records / Sony Music both digitally and on CD, vinyl and deluxe fan box limited edition containing bonus CD, magazine, poster and special cassette with exclusive audio material from the album.