Eros Ramazzotti came down from the stage to hug Antonis Remos

October 01, 2022

A special concert at the Herodes of Atticus Conservatory by Eros Ramazzotti on the evening of Tuesday, September 27.

The internationally famous Italian singer visited our country in the context of five enchanting and unrepeatable performances in great historical places in Europe and Israel.

For Eros Ramazzotti, who has a special love for Greece, the appearance at Herodei was - as he had stated in the past - a lifelong dream which he made come true with their concert yesterday.

Among the thousands of spectators who attended were Antonis Remos and his wife Yvonne Bosniak.

The two artists who have worked together in the past maintain a close friendship to this day.

When Eros Ramazzotti saw Antonis Remo in the audience, he came down from the stage and after passing through the audience, approached him, hugged him and sat next to him.

Afterwards, Antonis Remos went on stage and performed a song together with Eros Ramazzotti.

After the end, the Greek singer declared to the journalists that he was particularly happy to have attended the concert and revealed that he was not able to co-exist artistically with Eros Ramazzotti although he wanted to for years.

"We couldn't do anything together. Ask the people in charge and who decides", said Antonis Remos.