Emma Bunton would like a Spice Girls reunion at 'Glastonbury'

Emma Bunton wants a Spice Girls reunion but can't reveal much about when it will happen.

In an exclusive interview with UK newspaper Metro's 'Guilty Pleasures' column, Baby Spice responded to months-long rumors that the Spice Girls could perform at this year's Glastonbury music festival.

The band are reportedly earmarked for the coveted 'Legends' slot on the 'Glastonbury' programme, where they will follow in the footsteps of Kylie Minogue and Diana Ross.

“There are always discussions, aren't there? "Oh, the Spice Girls are back," laughed Emma Bunton.

"It was so funny, even last year, a very good friend of mine was at Glastonbury, and she called me and said, 'Are you going on stage?' I told her: 'No, I'm sure I would have told you!'" she continued.

"You know what, obviously as the Spice Girls, we love working together, and when the time is right, things just happen," she stressed.

“But I love them, love them, love them and I can't wait to perform together again. It has to be the right thing for all of us, as a team, so hopefully that will happen sometime soon," added Emma Bunton.

The Spice Girls reunited for the last time, without Victoria Beckham, in 2019 and held a successful UK tour.

During the festive season, Emma Bunton welcomed Melanie C to the stage in her glittering Christmas concert at London's Theater Royal Drury Lane.

"All the preparation for the show, sometimes I feel like I've never done it before, I'm so stressed," the 46-year-old singer commented about her return to the stage.

"But as soon as everything is ready and I go on stage, oh my god, it's the best feeling," he continued.

However, Emma Bunton did not want to give a definitive answer when asked about the possibility of releasing new music in 2023.

"I always think about it, it makes me feel happy. I am having a busy year with my oldest child entering High School. It's a matter of balance, isn't it?” he said.