Elvis Presley: Biographical comic about the life of "king of rock 'n' roll"

April 07, 2021

The life of Elvis Presley in comic form.
A comic book novel about Elvis Presley is set to be released later this year by Z2 Comics.

The illustrated book "Elvis: The Graphic Novel" will cover the most important moments in Elvis Presley's career, from his roots in Memphis and "Sun Studios" to the triumphs and trials that marked his reign as "king of rock" and roll ».

The book is written by Chris Miskiewicz and illustrated by Michael Shelfer.

Z2 Comics has released an excerpt from the upcoming biopic focusing on Elvis Presley's adolescence, starting with a scene in a record store where Elvis and a friend listen to Jackie Brenston and the Delta Cats' "Rocket 88."

In the final moments of the excerpt, Presley sings live for the first time in his school's talent contest.

"Elvis: The Graphic Novel" is available to order through the Z2 Comics website and its Amazon page.

The book will be released in August in both standard hardcover and softcover editions.

There will also be a limited edition deluxe hardcover, which will come with a blue suede case, three high quality prints and a picture-disc vinyl with Elvis Presley's first album.

It is noted that each copy will be signed by the creative team of the book.