Ellie Goulding hits back at rumors she cheated on Ed Sheeran with Niall Horan

Ellie Goulding has admitted she went on "a few dates" with Niall Horan, but has denied having a relationship with Ed Sheeran.
Ellie Goulding has denied a long-running rumor that she had cheated on Ed Sheeran with Niall Horan.

On New Year's Eve, Ellie Goulding posted on her TikTok account that she dances to the song "As It Was" by Harry Styles.

For seemingly no reason, one person commented on her post: "I can't believe you cheated on Ed with Niall but you're so good," referring to rumors from 2013 that she was dating Ed Sheeran as well as with Nial Horan.

However, Ellie Goulding was quick to categorically deny the rumours. "Lies!!!!" he replied to the comment.

In an interview with the British edition of ELLE magazine in 2015, Ellie Goulding claimed that she was never in a relationship with Ed Sheeran.

“I went on a few dates with Niall, but I was never in a relationship with Ed. I have absolutely no idea where this came from and why it became such a big deal. I find it so frustrating that female musicians are constantly labeled by the men they are or aren't in a relationship with," she commented at the time.

Ellie Goulding
According to E! News, it all started with a report by the British tabloid newspaper The Mirror which claimed that Ellie Goulding and Niall Horan were seen getting close at the V Festival in England.

A week later, Ellie Goulding sat next to Ed Sheeran at the MTV VMAs, where they were caught on camera holding hands, immediately sparking a whole other rumor, with some concluding that the singer had cheated on him. Horan with Sheeran.

While she claimed it was just two friends holding hands, Ed Sheeran disagreed. “I mean, normal people don't hold hands if they're just friends. This was happening. And now it's not happening," he said in a radio interview in Seattle.

The following year, Ed Sheeran released the song "Don't", which mentions that another singer cheated on him and fueled rumors that she had written about him and Ellie Goulding.

However, Ed Sheeran put an end to those rumors in 2015 when he told Entertainment Weekly that he "never really confirmed it," after a British newspaper reported that the song was about this love triangle.

“We got in touch and they took the story down. But obviously the damage had already been done by that time because every other paper repeated it,” he said.

Ellie Goulding married her lover Caspar Jopling in 2019. The couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy, in April 2021.