Ed Sheeran: Why He Didn't Want "Shape Of You" Released

July 13, 2021

Ed Sheeran explains why he did not want to record "Shape Of You" and describes how he changed his mind.
Ed Sheeran reveals that people close to him convinced him not to miss the opportunity to release one of his greatest hits.

"Shape Of You" is one of the greatest hits ever released in the digital age.

The song's music video is the second most viewed video on YouTube, with over 5.38 billion views, while "Shape Of You" is also the most streamed song in Spotify history, with more than 2.849 billion views. breeders.

However, Ed Sheeran admits that he will never achieve these records without his closest and dearest people, because he was not sure that "Shape Of You" was the right song for him.

"I've been wrong many times and I think the key is to have people you listen to," he told Hot Ones, explaining that he initially did not want to record the mega-hit "Shape Of You", which was included in 2017 on his album ÷ (Divide).

"I did not want to put it on my album. And everyone said, 'If you put it on the album, it's going to be the biggest success of your career.' I felt like it was stealing because I basically made an easy pop song and it was the biggest success of my career. "So I was wrong there," he said.

But Ed Sheeran stressed that people close to them make occasional mistakes, even if they do not always want to admit it later.

"I know that those involved will categorically deny this, but there was no way I could give this song to someone else if they liked it. When I wrote Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself", I remember putting it in some people to listen to it and they reacted indifferently and that's why I gave it and now they say: "You never put it on to hear it!" He described with a laugh.