Ed Sheeran: "My wife thought I was joking when I proposed to her"

October 12, 2021

Ed Sheeran remembers the adventurous marriage proposal to his wife, Cherry Seaborn.

The 30-year-old singer of "Shivers" gave an interview to the Norwegian-Swedish talk show "Skavlan" and stressed the human feelings he felt when he asked for the hand of his beloved, in 2017.

I remember kneeling and saying, "Will you marry me?" And she said, "Are you kidding?" "There was this great silence and I just said, 'Please?'" He describes.

"It was the most human feeling I've ever felt, because in my career, sometimes you find yourself saying 'can I do this?' and people answer, "Yes." You reach a point where it becomes normal and then you find yourself in a situation where you are literally on your knees and you say: "Will you marry me?", He continued.

"It's such a big life decision that one has to make in a minute. "Fortunately, he said yes," he said.

Ed Sheeran - Cherry Seaborn - Hit Channel
The marriage proposal turned out to be a rather stressful experience for Ed Sheeran, who admitted that the perfect night he had planned was ruined by the rain.

"It was raining profusely that day and I had made a pergola at the end of the garden to make the proposal. "Sunset, pergola, some wine. And it was raining profusely," he said.

"I kept saying we had to go for a walk and she said, 'No!' I said to her: "Are you sure you do not want to go for a walk?". The time was passing by. There was a date engraved on the ring and I said, "I have to do it today!" It arrived at 9 p.m. and I said, "In the name of God!", he continued.

The couple got married in January 2019 after four years of relationship and had their first child, a baby girl named Lyra Antarctica, in August 2020.

Ed Sheeran talked about the possibility of having more children on the podcast "Open House Party".

"I feel like we were so lucky to have a child that I think I would obviously love more. But I think we are so lucky to have only one child. "So, if nothing else happens, I'm so happy."