Ed Sheeran: "I never felt accepted by the pop world"

November 15, 2021

"I feel that to a large extent my colleagues in the pop scene do not want me to succeed," confesses Ed Sheeran.
Despite his success, Ed Sheeran still feels that he does not belong to the circle of pop music.

The British singer explained in a new interview with "The Breakfast Club" the reasons why he does not feel accepted by the pop world.

However, Ed Sheeran is "accepted" by Black musicians in the UK and revealed that only Stormzy, Dave and his longtime friend and mentor, Elton John, contacted him to congratulate him on the debut of his new album. "Equals" in the first place of the charts.

"As for the people who really support me and want me to win. "I know so many artists who, whenever I win, make fun of me and actually want me to fail," he said.

"But they would never tell me, I just know. "I hang out with people and listen to things," he continued.

"I am not accepted by my kind. "I thought it was quite typical that my album was released and the only people who emailed me in detail that they liked it were Dave and Stormzy and people from the British rap and British grime scene," he revealed.

"I feel that to a large extent my colleagues in the pop scene often do not want me to succeed. "I never felt accepted by my kind," he stressed.

Ed Sheeran - live - Divide Tour
Elsewhere in the interview, Ed Sheeran was asked by Charlamagne tha God which artist he would like to write a song for and he immediately replied "for Rihanna".

"Rihanna is always the point of reference," he said.

This is how "Shape Of You" was created, this is how "Love Yourself" was created with Justin Bieber. He has such good taste in songs. "You can not say exactly what Rihanna's style is, they are just good songs," he added.

So when I go into the studio to create a song, I always think, 'What would Rihanna do?' "She's someone I've always wanted to work with and write a song with or write a song about," said Ed Sheeran.