Ed Sheeran announces new single "Shivers"

September 07, 2021

"Shivers" would be the first single from Ed Sheeran's new album, but "Bad Habits" prevailed.
Ed Sheeran is ready to share with the public the next single from his new album, "=" (Equals).

The British singer and songwriter used his social media pages to announce that the second single from his upcoming album is titled "Shivers".

"Shivers". "The second single from my fourth studio album will be released next Friday, September 10," Ed Sheeran wrote on Twitter, posting an animated video showing a glittering yellow butterfly fluttering its wings slowly.

The video also contains a very short excerpt from "Shivers", in which Sheeran sings "I took an arrow to the -" before the video was cut.

Ed Sheeran explained in another post on Instagram how the song was born and also revealed that "Shivers" was going to become the main single of his upcoming album instead of "Bad Habits", which has completed 10 consecutive weeks of stay at No . 1 of the United Kingdom and remains for the second consecutive week at No. 1 of the International Airplay Chart in Greece.

"I wrote this song as soon as the Divide tour ended on a rental farm in Suffolk, where we had set up a studio for a few weeks to see what would happen," the singer describes.

"It was written in three days, which is very rare for me, but I thought it was a very special song to go wrong. It was originally intended to be the first single (of the album), but I did not imagine a world where "Bad Habits" would exist if it was not released in the summer ", he explains.

"Shivers" always seemed like an autumn song. I hope you like it, I love it. "The video is crazy, but you will see it," he concludes.