Drake: Releases Video of Swedish Police Arrest

Drake is reportedly in the hands of police authorities for possession of marijuana.

Drake reviewed 2022 and ushered in the new year by releasing footage for the first time of his arrest by police in Stockholm, Sweden last summer.

"The money is useful / The lyrics are true / The suspects are the usual / The rivals are crazy / The finish line is beautiful / And the disrespect is mutual / See you on the 23rd," he wrote in an Instagram post New Year's Eve.

Drake's post included several different snapshots.

The first shot was a photo of Drake and 21 Savage, which makes perfect sense considering their recent joint album 'Her Loss' hit No. 1 of the charts.

However, in the next snapshot it becomes immediately clear that the rapper is not referring to the caption of his latest album post. Drake posted a video that many are linking to his rumored arrest by Swedish police in Stockholm in July.

The video shows Drake, wearing a red jumpsuit, being driven into a car with a 'police' sign, while someone off-camera asks: "Who's in charge here?"

The rest of Drake's post consists of snapshots from another successful year in his life.

In July 2021, rumors circulated that Drake had been arrested by Swedish authorities for possession of marijuana, but the Canadian rapper's team quickly denied the reports.

Swedish police later clarified that Drake is "not currently in custody" and the rapper's team said: "Drake is at his hotel and has not been arrested."

A few days later, however, Drake confirmed the rumors and posted on his Instagram post, which he later deleted, a photo of a form titled "Information for those suspected of crime and subsequently taken into custody," which it detailed the rights of a prisoner.

Among other things, the form states his right "to know exactly what he is suspected of and why he has been detained" and "to receive the assistance of a defense lawyer, which under certain conditions can only be paid for by the state."

During his detention, Drake also had the right "to receive the assistance of an interpreter during interrogations, if required."