Drake Calls 2020 the 'Hardest Year in Human History'

Drake has divided the internet by calling 2020 the "hardest year in human history."

In a clip from Prime Video's documentary on the rise of Lil Baby, titled "Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby," Drake is seen talking about his fellow rapper's success that year.

“Hardest year we've had in human life maybe?” Drake said of 2020.

"Forget the music, just as people, it was the most difficult time to connect with people, identify with people," he continued, referring to the lockdowns imposed worldwide to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Drake's comments sparked backlash, with many netizens pointing out that many worse things have happened than the pandemic, if indeed the Canadian rapper was referring to "in human history."

"Please keep in mind this man is a Black Jew and he says the lockdown was the hardest time for people... Not the holocaust, not even slavery, the lockdown," wrote one Twitter user.

“Drake said the pandemic was the hardest year in human history. Sir, our ancestors drowned to avoid being taken as slaves,” another user commented.

Despite Lil Baby not being able to tour for his 'My Turn' album, 2020 turned out to be a great year for him.

"My Turn" debuted atop the Billboard 200 and became the first No. 1 album by Lil Bay, while also reaching the Top 20 in countries such as the UK, Canada and Australia.

This isn't the first time Drake's statements have sparked controversy on social media.

At last month's Young Money reunion concert in Toronto, Drake hailed Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj as "the best rappers ever."

"He changed my life and he changed the city forever, so make some noise for the greatest rapper of all time," he said of Lil Wayne.

"And I'm on stage with the other biggest rapper of all time, she's over there with the pink hair," he later added of Nicki Minaj.