David Guetta: 'People think DJing is easy'

"People need to understand that most of what we see on social media is fake," David Guetta said.

David Guetta is 'offended' by the fact that people think being a DJ is an easy job.

The 55-year-old French DJ and music producer admitted that even his own children, 18-year-old Tim and 15-year-old Angie, don't understand how hard he works.

"My kids joke, if they want to buy something, they say, 'Come on, Dad, just raise your hands for five minutes and you can pay for it,'" he told the Daily Star's "Wired" column.

"I'm like, 'Oh my God, you're so offensive. You don't know everything that is hidden behind the money you get,'' he continued.

"People think, 'This guy is just having fun throwing his hands up and everyone else is singing his song.' They don't know I only release one song out of a hundred, because my hard drive is full of crappy songs!” he said.

David Guetta doesn't want young people who would like to follow in his footsteps to be fooled into thinking that the DJ life is what they see on the internet.

“People need to understand that most of what we see on social media is fake, people are lying. They show up with a car that is rented, they show a plane that is not theirs," he stressed.

“All the girls you see with them have never paid a ticket in their life. This life does not exist,” he said.

"If you are an ordinary person, you will feel: 'I am nothing, a failure.' We can't have a society where 99% of people feel like they're crap," he commented.

At the same time, David Guetta claimed that his own success comes 80% from hard work, while the rest is due to his talent. He also argued that the search for new inspiration plays a big role.

"The secret of my longevity is that I have no ego. Selfishness has killed so many careers. When I see the younger generation of artists, I embrace them all," he noted.

“I go on TikTok, I go on Instagram and I follow the producers. He is 16 years old, 18 years old sometimes. I talk to them," said David Guetta.