Coldplay wants to sing on the moon

June 15, 2021

Coldplay want to be the first band to hit the moon.
Coldplay's Chris Martin has revealed his ambitions to sing on the Moon.

The singer said he is willing to travel into space, a few days after the release of Coldplay music video for their new song "Higher Power", which takes place on the fictional planet Kaotica.

However, Chris Martin admitted that the space gap could be an obstacle to the technical part of the sound if Coldplay wanted to travel boldly to the Moon, where no other band has stepped.

The Coldplay frontman told The Zach Sang Show: "Not many have done it, that's true. "But won't it be a problem that if you play music on the moon no one will actually be able to listen?"

"I'm confused about the atmosphere," he added.

"We would try anything twice. I do not mind mockery, as I just say what I believe. That's what we all need to do, "said Chris Martin.

As for its question about sound in space, sound travels in waves such as light or heat, but unlike them, sound travels by causing the molecules of matter to vibrate. Therefore, in order for sound to travel, there must be matter.

On Earth, sound travels to our ears through the vibration of air molecules. In outer space, in the large empty spaces between the stars and the planets, there are no molecules and there is no sound for Coldplay to sing.