Coldplay announces new single "Higher Power"

April 29, 2021

Coldplay presented a mysterious project entitled "Alien Radio".

The band posted on social media is a short video that contains a series of enigmatic purple symbols and is accompanied by a static sound.

Coldplay encourages their fans to visit AlienRadio.FM to learn more.

The site greets visitors with a rotating sphere in the center of the screen and then the mouse cursor turns into a star.

Moving the cursor around the globe allows access to a selection of multilingual messages, which, as ARGN notes, range from satellite launch ads to excerpts from classic literature, such as one of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" and "Alice in Wonderland".

Despite the strong element of the enigma, some Coldplay fans tried to decipher the real message behind the mysterious images.

As the ColdplayXtra Twitter account notes, the mysterious symbols can be decoded in such a way as to announce a new release from the band next month: "Coldplay - Higher Power - May 7".

Elsewhere on the site, there is a long phrase that Coldplay fans suspect comes from the lyrics of "Higher Power".

"This joy is electrifying and flowing in it / I am so happy to be alive, happy to be alive at the same time as you," the phrase reads.

In addition to the enigmatic site, the same alien symbols have also been seen on digital billboards in locations such as New York, London, Santiago and Seoul.

Coldplay have not yet confirmed the release, however a new song would coincide with their upcoming appearance in the livestream version of the "Glastonbury" festival to be held at Worthy Farm on May 22nd.

Earlier this year, reports said that Chris Martin's band was preparing a new album entitled "Music Of The Spheres".

According to "The Sun", a source close to the band confirmed that Coldplay is recording new music for their ninth album throughout the lockdown.