Coldplay and BTS join forces in the new song "My Universe"

September 16, 2021

The rumors that spoke of cooperation between the two bands were confirmed.
Coldplay and BTS join forces in a new single entitled "My Universe".

After months of speculation and hints that they will collaborate on the record The British rock band the boy band K-pop confirmed that their collaboration will be released on Friday, September 24th.

The first teaser for the single, which consists of encrypted symbols, was published on Alien Radio FM, the Twitter account created by Coldplay to share information about their upcoming album "Music Of The Spheres".

The collaboration between Coldplay and BTS was first mentioned on Twitter in June, with fans of both bands eagerly awaiting the song.

In recent months, both bands have expressed their admiration for each other.

The BTS performed Coldplay's "Fix You" during their appearance on "MTV Unplugged" and claimed it was an important song for them, as it has helped them through difficult times.

Coldplay praised K-pop stars on social media for their performance and a few months later, suggested to their fans to listen to the hit "Butter" of BTS.

BTS - Today Show
Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin also said he only has "love and respect" for the BTS and said he was open to working with them.

"As for BTS, I only have love and respect for them. "I think all seven kids are just awesome, they support good things and they sing good things," he said.

"I like the fact that they are so successful and they sing a lot in Korean, they don't always have to sing in English. "I love them very much and so if the right song appeared, I would never say no," he stressed.

"I love this band because I like what they represent as people," Chris Martin told BTS.

Coldplay 's new album "Music Of The Spheres", which will include the band' s coexistence with the BTS in "My Universe", will be released by Parlophone Records / Warner Music on October 15.