Bono releases song "Eden (To Find Love)" for Sean Penn's new documentary

May 26, 2021

A special interpretation by Bono.
Bono released a new song called "Eden (To Find Love)" (Eden: To find love).

The song is included on the album with the soundtrack for the documentary "Citizen Penn", directed by Don Hardy and shot after the catastrophic 7 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010, causing the death of thousands of people and huge material damage.

The documentary chronicles the support of actor Sean Penn in Haiti and his activism through the organization of the J / P Haiti Relief Organization, now called CORE.

The soundtrack album for "Citizen Penn" was released on May 21st.

Martin Garrix, Bono, The Edge
"This is an excellent record of the work of a great man," Bono told Citizen Penn, adding that Sean Penn "uses not only his brain but also his body to prevent various injustices."

"In this song I play God and Sean plays Adam, since I explained that it was me, not Eve, who drove us out of Eden," he explained.

"Linda helped me remove all that and I also brought my daughter Jordan to do the vocals. It is a family affair ", said the central singer of U2.

"Eden (To Find Love)" was produced by Linda Perry, who co-wrote the song with Bono.

Linda Perry, a former member of the band 4 Non Blondes, is also signing the soundtrack to the documentary "Citizen Penn".