Beyoncé: She personally thanked a fan who attended 35 of her concerts

Beyoncé stopped her choreography to express her gratitude to the fan.

Beyoncé personally thanked a fan who attended 35 of her concerts.

The music star expressed her gratitude to her die-hard fan while on stage during her recent concert in Brussels as part of her 'Renaissance World Tour'.

While Beyoncé was singing her hit song 'Crazy In Love' (2003), the fan tried to get the singer's attention despite the noise around her.

The fan formed the phrase "thirty-five" with her mouth while pointing to the number with her hands to make sure Beyoncé understood what she was trying to explain.

Visibly shocked, Beyoncé blew the fan a kiss and said "thank you" before continuing her song.

The rest of the spectators recorded footage of the moment with their phones and the videos of the lucky fan made the rounds on social media.

The fan shared some footage from the concert on her Twitter account and explained how much it means to her that Beyoncé personally thanked her for her dedication.

“Beyoncé thank you again. And thanks to the person next to me who took this. Bey gave me love when she saw me again. I am grateful for all the concerts, trips and moments with her,” he wrote.

The fan also revealed that she has no plans to stop following Beyoncé on tour, announcing that she will be attending another of the singer's concerts very soon.

"See you next week Bey," she wrote in her message to renew their date.

After kicking off her 'Renaissance World Tour' with two shows in Stockholm (May 10) and Brussels (May 14), Beyoncé brought her highly-anticipated tour to the UK, kicking off with a show in Cardiff last Wednesday (May 17).

He is now set to play a gig at Sunderland's Stadium Of Light on May 23, before traveling to Paris for a gig at the Stade De France.

Beyoncé will then perform two back-to-back concerts at London's Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium on May 29 and 30, before more shows in Europe and finally heading to North America.