Beyonce: "People were watching me to see if I would fail"

August 18, 2021

Shortly before turning 40, Beyoncé gives a rare interview, taking a look back at her incredible career. The 28 Grammy-winning singer talks about her career in the entertainment industry and how as a young black woman she knew that "she could not do it by the sea", otherwise everything would be lost.

"While many stars have made personal mistakes and succeeded, 'I felt like a young black woman that I could not make it to the sea,'" Beyoncé told Harper's Bazaar.

"I felt the pressure from outside and their eyes watching me to see if I would stumble or fail. "I could not disappoint my family after all the sacrifices they made for me and the girls," she said, referring to her Destiny's Child colleagues Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, whom she notes in the interview. are her "best friends".

"It meant I was the most careful, professional teenager. And I grew up fast. I wanted to break all the stereotypes of the Black superstar, who either fell victim to drugs or alcohol or the irrational misunderstanding that Black women were angry. I knew I was given this amazing opportunity and I felt I had an opportunity. "I refused to sail them, but I had to give up a lot," he stressed.

Beyoncé noted that she "sacrificed a lot of things and ran away from any possible distraction" in her teenage years.

The Texas-born singer said that in addition to her commitment to being a good student, she put the rest of her energy into the women's band she led "and the dream of making a record deal and becoming a musician." "If something did not help me achieve my goal, I decided not to invest time in it."

Beyonce - Coachella 2018 (9)
Even when she was younger, she felt she had to work harder than others because of the color of her skin: “At the age of 7 I participated in dance and song competitions. I was often the only black girl and that was when I started to realize that I had to dance and sing double hard. "I had to have a stage presence, intelligence and charm if I wanted to win," you described.

Beyoncé started taking voice lessons at the age of 9 and by the time she was 10 she had "recorded at least 50 or 60 songs in the recording studio".

Although she has long parted ways professionally with her father, Mathew Knowles, who managed her career (while her mother, Tina Lawson, whom she calls "my queen", dressed Destiny's Child in the original Beyoncé said that "she constantly encouraged me to write my own songs and create my own vision" as a girl and that her father "is the reason I wrote music and produced at such a young age".

"I remember when I started hearing people criticize me after I had gained a few pounds. I was 19 years old. None of the clothes my size suited me. I felt a little insecure listening to some of the comments and woke up one day and refused to feel sorry for myself, so I wrote "Bootylicious". "It was the beginning of using what life gave me and turning it into something empowering for other women and men struggling with the same thing."

Beyoncé said she made the decision to divorce her manager-father when she "reached my limits". It was then that I learned the power of saying "no". I took control of my independence at 27 and started Parkwood Entertainment. "At that time, there was no company that could do what I wanted to do or operate the way I wanted to operate."

Now, in her solo artistic activity, she rejects things the way they always were.

"I want to show that you can have fun and have a purpose, respect and express your opinion. You can be elegant and provocative at the same time. You can be curvy and still be a fashion icon. I wish this freedom for every human being. I have paid my debts and followed every rule for decades, so now I can break the rules that must be broken. "My wish for the future is to continue doing everything that everyone thinks I can not do," he explained.

"I worked to lift my people up, to change perceptions so that my children could live in a world where they would see, celebrate and appreciate them," he added.

"I have spent so many years trying to improve myself and improve what I have done, that I have reached a point where I no longer need to compete with myself. I'm not interested in looking back. The past is the past. "I feel that many aspects of that younger, less sophisticated Beyoncé could never be put up with the woman I am today."