Becky G: 'I felt ashamed that my family and I were homeless'

September 17, 2022

Becky G opened up about the financial struggles her family faced that motivated her to start her career at a young age.

"We lost our home in the (financial) crash of 2008. My parents were single and we had to list ourselves as 'homeless' on food stamps," the 25-year-old singer told Teen Vogue.

"I remember how embarrassing it was to have my meal taken away because we had no money," she continued, revealing that her family was forced to move into her grandparents' garage.

At the age of 15, however, Becky G became the sole breadwinner for her family with her YouTube channel, acting roles, record deal with Dr. Luke and finally the hit single 'Shower'.

But Becky G got to a point where she was willing to do anything if it meant helping her family.

“Standard industry contracts were specific when I signed on and are different today,” he said.

“So young people like me don't get it. Because if you told me to run up the mountain, do five turns, clap my hands three times and do two jumps, I would do it if it meant I could support my family,” he noted.

"Thank God I can speak another language, because where I was in my career I felt like I was tied to a sinking ship," noted the singer, who was born to Mexican American parents.

"And it's scary to think when you're 18-19 years old, that's what it was. This is the end of what you have dedicated your whole life to," he added.

Looking back, Becky G now understands that her desire to excel was born out of necessity.

“The most I could probably do is sell chocolates at school, but what would they give me, would they give me a toy piano? I don't want this. I need good food on the table. I don't know why my motivation was so great," he said.

"I'm still trying to figure it out and figure it out in therapy, but it was out of necessity," Becky G said.