Ariana Grande: Obsessed fan broke into her home on her birthday

July 02, 2022

The obsessive fan had repeatedly violated the restraining orders issued against him by Ariana Grande.
An obsessed Ariana Grande fan has been jailed again after breaking into the singer's Montecito, California home on her birthday on June 26.

Aharon Brown, who has repeatedly violated restraining orders issued by Ariana Grande against him in the past, was arrested Sunday for trespassing at the 29-year-old singer's home, a source told TMZ.

Fortunately, Ariana Grande was not at her residence at the time of the incident
Brown was arrested once again in September 2021 when he showed up at the pop star's Los Angeles home with a large hunting knife while allegedly yelling "I'm going to kill you and her" at Ariana Grande and her bodyguard.

Ariana Grande then asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to grant her a restraining order against Aharon Brown.

"I'm afraid, for my safety and the safety of my family," the singer told the court.

"I fear that unless a restraining order is granted, Mr. Brown will continue to come to my home and attempt to physically harm or kill me or my family members," she continued.

While he was court-ordered for restraining orders, Aharon Brown allegedly violated the order recently, according to TMZ.

The obsessive fan had until Tuesday to hand himself in to authorities for breaching the lockdown measures, but instead, he went to Ariana Grande's home just two days before the deadline to try to get close to the pop star again.

Brown was arraigned on charges of harassment, burglary, damaging power lines, violating a court order and obstruction of justice, to which he pleaded not guilty.