Ariana Grande: Listen to the new songs from the deluxe version of "Positions"

February 20, 2021

Ariana Grande enriches her latest album with new songs.
Ariana Grande releases the deluxe version of her album "Positions".

"Positions" was released by Republic Records / Universal Music on October 30, 2020 and became Ariana Grande's fifth self-titled album in the United States, making its Billboard 200 debut.

Ariana Grande is now adding to "Positions" five bonus tracks as majestic and magical as the other 14 songs on the album.

The crowning achievement of the deluxe version is without a doubt the impressive remix of the song "34 + 35" with the participation of Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion.

The collaboration of the three talented women gained an image with a music video that emits a lot of eroticism, as well as "34 + 35".
The additional songs with which "Positions" is enriched confirm the conclusion that emerged after the release of the original album.

Ariana Grande is a rare singer with an inimitable voice and an original aesthetic in which different types of music coexist with unbreakable harmony along with the latest trends and her own rules.

The bonus tracks of the deluxe version link perfectly with "Positions" and expand its dreamy landscape. It's the last piece of the puzzle, but they can signal the beginning of an exciting new chapter.

Listen to the new tracks from the deluxe version of "Positions":

«Someone Like U (Interlude)»

«Test Drive»

«34+35» (Remix)

«Worst Behaviour»

«Main Thing»