Ariana Grande "dislikes" the rules of beauty

March 22, 2022

Ariana Grande says you should treat today's beauty rules with caution.

"Glamor" magazine asked the pop star which beauty rule she dislikes the most. "Oh, everyone," Ariana Grande replied.

"I do not like beauty rules, really. It should be such a personal matter. And I do not know if you have to follow a rule. "I think we create and then we see what suits and what does not suit us," he added.

As for the beauty rule she has set for herself, Ariana Grande said she believes in the following quote: "You can not be beautiful on the outside if you are not good to each other."

"I guess this is a very useful beauty trick. It does not really matter how beautiful you look on the outside. "I know it's very trivial, but it probably is," he explained.

Ariana Grande also mentioned that another rule that follows is: "Take care of your skin".

Ariana Grande - R.E.M. Beauty
In addition to her skin, she devotes time to taking care of herself: “I really like to find time for my meditation and my shower gels. "These are some of my favorite moments of taking care of myself," he said.

The 28-year-old singer, who released the "R.E.M Beauty" makeup product line last year, said she treats makeup as a form of expression, especially when it comes to creating different looks, as she does.

Ariana Grande admitted that she "has fun" when she uses makeup to create other characters.

"It's a lot of fun when you create other characters or when you have to remove makeup sometimes for other jobs. "This separation is created - they are characters, they are a narrative", he commented.

"Makeup is a storytelling and is such an important part of art in any script - music videos, movies, TV shows, drag shows. These become our carnival costumes. "It's what sets the tone," he added.

As for the beauty trends she likes the most, Ariana Grande revealed that she likes the "makeup of" Euphoria ", referring to the successful HBO TV series, as well as" Y2K glam ", the beauty trends from the 2000s .