Adele reveals the unknown meaning of 'Hello'

August 20, 2022

"Hello" does not refer to a relationship that ended, as many have thought over the years.
Adele reveals the unknown meaning of 'Hello'.

As part of her appearance on the cover of the September issue of 'ELLE' and her new interview with the magazine, Adele filmed a video in which she talks to the audience about the meaning of some of her most famous songs.

One of the biggest surprises revealed during the video is that her 2016 chart-topping hit "Hello," which won three Grammy Awards, isn't about the heartbreak of a broken relationship, but is actually about herself.

In the video, Adele is asked to explain the meaning behind "Hello" lyrics such as: "Hello from outside / at least I can say I tried / to tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart / but it doesn't matter / apparently it doesn't tear you apart anymore."

"It hadn't been long since I'd had a baby when I wrote 'Hello', and it was also on the album '25', which was followed by '21', which just blew up... it was huge," Adele recalls. .

"So I guess I felt a little different from myself because of the way my life had changed because of my career, but also the fact that I became a mother," she continues.

"I missed my friends and I missed my life before I was a mother, before I was famous, all that stuff," she admits.

“And I feel like when you have a child ... it brings up a lot that has to do with your own parents because you're trying to be a parent. So he had taken a lot of inspiration from that," he explains.

Adele then reveals that 'Hello' refers to her younger self.

"My older self was talking to my younger self and saying, 'Who am I?' I remember it very clearly. I don't feel like that at all anymore, which is a relief!” she says.

In the video, Adele also recalls how she wrote 'Easy On Me' from her latest album '30', as well as her earlier songs such as 'Chasing Pavements', 'All I Ask' and 'Someone Like You'.