Adele: In talks for a multi-million deal for appearances in Las Vegas

August 10, 2021

The agreement provides for the movement of Adele for each show with a private jet.
Adele will join the pantheon of iconic artists who have performed their own series of regular performances in Las Vegas.

It is said that the British singer will make a long series of appearances in Las Vegas and will be able to continue staying at her home in Los Angeles, as a private jet will transport her to each show, making a journey of about 40 minutes.

According to the newspaper "Mail On Sunday", Adele hopes to start appearances when the international restrictions on the coronavirus finally begin to relax.

"Adele recently spoke with musicians she has worked with in the past to assess their availability and see if they could be in Las Vegas for the concerts," a source said.

"It's very exciting. It would bring her a lot of money, but it would also mean that she could have a routine. It would be extremely lucrative for her but also a lot of fun ", he continued.

"She loves live shows and once the restrictions on Covid are lifted, people will be able to travel to see her," the source said.

Adele last sang in front of an audience at Wembley Stadium in London in June 2017 as part of the 2015 world tour to promote the album "25", but was forced to cancel the last two of her three scheduled concerts in London after injury to her vocal cords.

Fixed appearances in Las Vegas can be extremely lucrative for artists, with Celine Dion earning over $ 628 million with her performances in the city from 2011 to 2019, where she gave about 70 shows a year.