Adele: "Easy On Me" set a record on Spotify

October 19, 2021

Adele broke the all-time record on Spotify.
Adele's new single has been released for a few hours, but it has already managed to set a record on Spotify.

"Easy On Me", Adele's first song in six years, was released on Friday, October 15 and in just 24 hours recorded a unique performance on the popular streaming service.

The first single from Adele's new album "30" is now the song with the most streams on Spotify both in one day in total and its first twenty-four hours of release, as the platform announced through its official accounts on social networks.

"Easy On Me" collected a total of 19,749,704 streams to impressively break the BTS record earlier this year with "Butter", which garnered 11.04 million streams on Spotiy on its first day of release. May 21.

Adele's new single also set the record for the song with the most streams on Spotify in one day, breaking the performance of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey which garnered over 17.2 million streams on December 24, 2020.

"And somehow, Adele set a new record," Spotify tweeted.

Spotify currently has 365 million active users on a monthly basis, and the calculation of the streams of the first day of a release takes into account the multiple different time zones around the world.

"Easy On Me" is also the song that recorded the most streams on Amazon Music in the first days of its release, as the platform confirmed today.

In an interview with BBC Radio 2 shortly after the release of her new song, Adele revealed that "Easy On Me" was one of three options she was considering for the first sample from her upcoming "30" album, which will be unveiled on November 19.